Below are the minutes. I filled out the form to make wics@wpi a mailing list, but it doesn't seem to have happened yet...
Brief minutes of First WPI-WICS meeting:
1. There was discussion of the possible activities.

2. It was agreed that we should form an official WPI organization

a. Amanda has agreed to organize this

b. Lauren will ask the ECE organization for suggestions in getting started

c. Natasha has agreed to take over the web site and perhaps create a logo

d. Karen will try to find a .space. . an office or meeting room or both.

3.As well as reporting on these things, at the next meeting everyone will give a 5-minute .talk. on experiences had in the CS world as a woman. Anything goes. Perhaps things discovered they needed to know or do..

4. The next meeting will be Wednesday, November 17 . place to be determined