Thursday, 12/2/04 WICS Meeting
FL 246 (Beckett), 4pm

In attendance:

Diane, Kathi, Amanda, Lauren, Natasha, Millie

(some others arrived later...)
Discussion about WICS becoming an official WPI org:

- Student activities office says in order to get funding, can have graduate student members, but officers must be undergraduates.

- GSO will provide funding for graduate activities, but not for undergrad

- Maybe have 2 "official" organizations (1 grad, 1 ug) for funding purposes, but we all meet together?

- Must be an organization for at least a year before we can get funded, so this won't be an issue right away
Discussion of how to attract more participation:

- Career help session - invite women who've graduated from WPI to come talk about jobs, resume review, etc.

- Summer internships - invite current students or graduates to talk about past experiences, how to get an internship, etc. Can also just have students talk about what they do over the summer.

- Pot luck end of semester / holiday party

- Course selection pre-registration mixer w/out faculty in attendence - can discuss what courses are good to take & with whom, suggestions for pre-requisites, etc.

- Get list of freshmen/transfers who have decided to major in CS - add them to WICS list

- Have pizza/snacks before or after scheduled events
Discussion about ways to advertise WICS meetings, events, etc.

- Standing bulletin boards near entrances to Fuller: one in basement, another on 2nd floor

- Cookies in mailboxes

- Print a flyer, ask Jessica to make copies & post around the building

- Set up a table in the campus center

- Develop a logo for WICS - maybe a design contest?
Future topics for discussion:

- What stuff in cirriculum turns people on/off?

- How does CS@WPI encourage/discourage female students?
Upcoming events: we decided to focus on the following:

- End of semester / holiday party in December

- Tuesday, 12/14, 11:30 - 1pm

- FL 3rd floor lounge area

- Pizza for lunch - need to know how many people

- Invite people to bring games, desserts
- Summer internship info session in January

- Course selection session in February - near academic advising day
Action items:

- Kathi will get list of freshmen/transfers we don't already know about

- Send list to Amanda

- Amanda will add names to mailing list

- Natasha will take the lead in organizing the summer internship info session in January

- Millie will send out invitation for December pizza/dessert party

- Request email responses so we can order pizza

- Amanda will bake cookies & deliver to student

mailboxes - get Jessica to help w/ grad student boxes

- Diane will look into getting standing bulletin boards we can use for advertising

- Diane will send out announcement for our next WICS meeting (Fri., 12/10 at noon)

- Request email responses so we can order pizza

- Diane will let Jessica know that we've changed our Tues., 12/14 meeting to be the party instead.

- Diane requested that someone else take a turn at taking meeting minutes in the future!