WiCS was founded in 2003 at WPI. Take a look at some of our past projects and some old meeting minutes!

Meeting Minutes

Bootstraping Meeting

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Past Events

ACM Hackathon

January 22, 2016 Odeum, Campus Center
Students are working hard at a weekend long hackathon for WPI students. Come, learn, hack and win! Hosted by nine WPI student run organizations, and backed by numerous sponsors it is the biggest hackathon ever hosted at WPI.

Google Games

April 24, 2015
WiCS members traveled to Google Cambridge to take part in Google Games! Our members had tons of fun solving coding challenges, engineering problems and even some Doctor Who trivia. Our team the "Time Hoppers" won the Team Spirit Award!

T-Shirt Making

September 29, 2014 Fuller Commons
Come puffy paint your own WiCS t-shirt!

Networking - Google

This was one of WiCS's first professional & networking events. Engineers from Google came to share some of their knowledge (and T-Shirts!) with WiCS members over snacks.

Outreach - Video Games Programming

WiCS members taught video game programming to local middle school girls in a nine-week after school program run by Girls Inc.

Outreach - Science Day

WiCS members introduced a class of third graders to Computer Science using Python Logo. By the end of the class, they were using functions and loops

Outreach - Tech Girls

On Saturday April 4th WiCS members ran an hour long workshop for local middle schoolers showing them how awesome computer science is using Alice.

Outreach - Robots

WiCS members taught a group of 16 girl scouts basic robotics concepts using lego mindstorms

Circuit Cookies

Dec 8th from 8pm to 9pm
Decorating cookies with WECE. We'll be in the WECE lounge in Atwater Kent.

CS Dept Xmas Party

Dec 9th from 4pm to 6pm in the 3rd Floor lounge
There will be food, merriment, games and an obnoxious christmas sweater contest

GNO Pumpkin Carving

WIN A term 2008

A fantastic turn out of 8 WiCS members and 3 professionals

Lounge Cleaning Party

The lounge is now set up! There are XKCD comics everywhere along with food and a futon.

Welcome BBQ

The barbeque was a smashing success. The old WiCS members, freshmen and professors mingled together, enjoyed the beautiful weather and the delicious food. This was our first joint event with WECE Women in Electrical Compuuter Engineering) and this would be the start of a long lasting relationship with them.

Speaker - Lynn Andrea Stein

Tuesday, April 15 at 7pm in FLAUD
Presented by WPI ACM and WiCS

Von Neumann serial computation has been our field's central metaphor. It has even influenced how we think brains work. But the sequentialist metaphor isn't right for brains. It isn't even right for what computers do. Instead, computation arises over a community of interacting entities.
When we shift our fundamental metaphor, it changes the way we think about computation. It changes what we teach our students. And it changes the ways in which we think about thinking itself.

Outreach - Bootstrap Programming

WiCS members members taught video game programing to local middle schoolers in a nine-week after school program run by Citizen Schools. We hoped inspire the students to explore technolgy on their own and to set a strong positive female role model of women in computer science.