Current Events 2016-2017

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C-Term Networking Night

Feburary 20, 2016 Odeum, Campus Center
Announcing the Women in Computer Science Networking dinner, the theme of the night is Advocacy and Support for Women in Computer Science. Make connections with company representatives and don't forget your resume! Limited to computer science students, business formal attire, dinner provided.

Wayfair Tech Talk

November 30, 2016 Upper Fuller
WiCS WPI alumni Lauren Kahn and other alums visited WPI to talk about Wayfair and their Engineering Team. We learned about their current projects and what they are looking for in developers. Free pizza was included!

Nail Polish Party

November 14, 2016 Salisbury Lounge
B-Term Trifecta Night! Hosted in A and D term every year our bi-annual Nail Polish Party is a great way for women all over WPI to get together, paint each others nails, play games and relax before finals! Hang with the folks from WiRE and WECE in Salisbury Lounge.

Imposter Syndrome Panel

November 10, 2016 Lower Fuller
Hosted in A Term we had a panel to discuss the effects of Imposter Syndrome on the community. The panelists included Google's Yilan Liu, Liberty Mutual's Chris Dellario, WPI Professor Neil Heffernan, WPI TA Theresa Inzerillo, and WPI current senior Fiona Heaney. Imposter syndrome is the feeling of being a fraud, in spite of evidence. Many high achievers including those in academia suffer from these feelings which can have a negative impact on work career progression and mental health.

Selling Everything and Anything on Yelp

October 6, 2016 Washburn 229
Yelp Engineering partnered with WICS to host a technical talk. We learned how Yelp performs tens of thousands of real-time transactions every day, ranging from taco delivery and dinner reservations, to salon appointments and bottles at the club. At the tech talk, catered lunch was provided, and a raffle for a iPad Mini w/Retina.