Possible MQP Projects
Professor Elke A. Rundensteiner


General: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~rundenst/mqp-topics.html

I generally interested in projects related to large-scale databases and information systems, stream monitoring applications and systems, high-performance analytics of sensor data, and so on.

If you want to discuss MQP ideas please stop by my office (238 Fuller Labs) or email me at rundenst@cs.wpi.edu for an appointment.

UMass Memorial Health Care: Clinic Locator Application for iPhone & iPad (2011-2012)

Other projects I'm particularly interested in relate to the emerging area of "stream and event monitoring systems". I've several active research projects with HP Labs and supported by NSF government funds; and we could carve out smaller MQP projects based on your interests and skill sets. In general, continuous high-volumne data streams can be found everywhere, including vehicle navigation tracking systems, sensors for health applications, earth observation systems, stock market, and more. The goal of our larger project effort here at WPI is to develop generic technology to support such stream monitoring applications. We have a core engine in place. Several challenging new MQP projects can now be undertaken within that platform. Examples of possible projects include :

  • Spill/Unspill Manager Services

    One example project could be to explore strategies for spilling (and unspilling) data of different query operators temporarily to disk under heavy duress (high input arrival rates of some streams and/or reduction in CPU or memory resources in the system). Techniques need to be proposed, data structures and algorithms implemented, and policies for synchronization between operators need to be realized for improved performance even under spill.

  • Event Pattern Matching Engine

    Heterogenous streams of events, such as from RFID readers, may need to be quickly scanned for detecting patterns of interest, such as an item leaving the store without having been paid for, etc. Query operators utilizing automaton/stacks would be developed, and advanced methods to handle such pattern matching services even under out-of-order input streams are targeted.

  • RFID Event Monitoring Application

    RFID technology has now become a reality due to its inexpensive costs, and it is been increasingly employed in a large variety of environments, from airports to warehouse supply chains. This project would target to install such technology on campus, and to develop a simple data collection and tracking application to support one function, such as misplacement of books, or counting of number of people using a facility, etc. Accuracy in data processing and reasoning under uncertainty, such as missed readings or duplicate readings, as well as exploitation of domain knowledge, such as sizes of rooms and typical speed in traversing a given space, could be considered to make the application smart. Modern Compute PC-Cluster Utilization for Distributed Stream Processing

    We have acquired a new 20-node PC cluster for 100k by NSF for developing stream processing software and applying this technology to a variety of applications. Thus, MQP projects surrounding this technology could be conducted, including :

    Look at on-going larger research projects of the WPI Database Systems Research Lab at the " following location", any of which you can get involved in, if you are interested.

    If you have questions and/or are interested in any of these projects, please contact Prof. Rundensteiner at rundenst@cs.wpi.edu to find out more.