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Miscellaneous Notes on Matlab 


Matlab Online Resources

Data Files

The following data files are used to illustrate how to upload data onto Matlab (note that Matlab can handle many different input data formats): Store them in a folder that is accessible to Matlab (for example, use "File -> Set path ..." on the main toolbar menu to include this folder in Matlab's path.)

Different ways to upload data onto Matlab:

For a complete description of Matlab's data upload functions, see Matlab's help under:
       Data Import and Export
Below, some examples are included. Use "doc " on the Command Window to learn more about each .

Using the DATASET class in Matlab' Statistics Toolbox

See Matlab documentation: doc dataset Examples:
load fisheriris

load hospital 

Matlab Weka Interface

Matlab Dimensionality Reduction

Parametric Methods

Decision Trees


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