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Computer Science Department

Artificial Intelligence Research Group (AIRG)
Topics - Spring 1999

Our group meets on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m., FL 246.

Dates and topics for this semester are as follows:

Jan 21
Organizational Meeting (Coordinator: C. Ruiz)

Jan 28
Lee Becker
Discussion of paper "Optimality: From Neural Networks to Universal Grammar" By Alan Prince and Paul Smolensky Science, Vol. 275, 14 March 1997, 1604-1610

Feb 04
Video: "How to give computers common sense" McCarthy/Minsky Debate.

Feb 11
Gerard Rinkus.
Sr. Scientist, Charles River Analytics
"TEMECOR: Temporal Episodic Memory using Combinatorial Representations."

Feb 18
No meeting

Feb 25
Lee Becker
Discussion of paper: "Language acquisition and use: Learning and applying probabilistic constraints," -By Mark Seidenberg, Science, Vol. 275, March 1997, pp. 1599-1603

Mar 04
David Brown
"Functional Emergence"

Mar 11
No meeting

Mar 18
Dan Grecu
"Using Expectations in Design"

Mar 25
Carolina Ruiz
"Using Domain Knowledge in Machine Learning: Inductive vs. Analytical Learning"

April 01
Michael Gennert
"Assertions, Assumptions, Angels, and Devils: A Language for Contracts between Agents"

April 08
Janet Burge
"Knowledge Based Software Engineering"

April 15
Sergio Alvarez
"Examples of Learning in Probabilistic Networks"

April 22
No meeting

April 29
Shawn Nicholson
"A Test-Bed for Distributed Multi-Agent Learning Using Coactive Cooperation"

May 6
Michael Anderson. Diagrammatic Reasoning Consortium & University of Hartford
"Diagrammatic Reasoning: Computing with Diagrams"

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