WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Computer Science Department

Artificial Intelligence Research Group (AIRG)
Topics - Spring 2000

Our group meets on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m., FL 246.

Dates and topics for this semester are as follows:

Jan 20
Organizational Meeting (Coordinator: C. Ruiz)

Jan 27
Lee Becker
"Can Evolution Explain How the Mind Works? A Review of the Evolutionary Psychology Debate"

Feb 17
No meeting - Advising Appointment Day

Mar 09
No meeting - Spring Break

Mar 16
David Brown
"Classification and Selection"

Mar 23
Janet Burge
"Decision Making in Design"

Mar 30
Michael Gennert
Review of Jennings & Wooldridge, "Agent-Oriented Software Engineering"

April 06
Joint AIRG/DKBRG seminar
Carolina Ruiz
Sampling Methods for Mining Patterns from Large Databases

April 13
Mark Stevens
Dimensionality Analysis

April 20
No meeting - MQP Presentation Day

April 27
No meeting today

May 4
Joint AIRG/DKBRG/REFER seminar
Weiyang Lin
Association Rule Mining for Collaborative Recommender Systems.

May 04
Last day of the semester/term

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