IMGD 4600 (C15) -- Subject to Change!
Week Day Class Topic
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Preparation (Quiz)
1 Fri, Jan 16 Introduction/Overview    
Game Design and Instructional Design   Read E2E Ch. 1, 2, 11 (Quiz)
  Sun, Jan 18     Bid on papers & games (11:59pm via turnin)
2 Tue, Jan 20 Needs Analysis   Read E2E Ch. 12 (Quiz)
Project Brainstorming and Matchmaking    
  Fri, Jan 23 Instructional Design   Read E2E Ch. 13 (Quiz)
Gameplay Design   Read E2E Ch. 16 (Quiz)
  Sun, Jan 25   Form project groups (11:59pm via turnin)
3 Fri, Jan 30 Case Studies (including playable game links)   Presenters: Turnin slides by midnight before
Paper: America's Army (simulation/training games) rhhayes/jlucena Read 3 papers (Quiz)
Paper: Re-Mission (games for health) amsegal/erbenson Play 3 games (Quiz)
Paper: Ayiti - The Cost of Life (games for change) dwang2/ynachum  
Design/Play/Experience Analysis Framework   Read Winn Handout (Quiz)
  Sun, Feb 1     Needs/Task Analysis Due  (11:59pm via turnin)
4 Tue, Feb 3 Assessment/Evaluation (Prof. Joe Beck)   Read E2E Ch. 27 (Quiz)
Educational Games   Read 1 paper (Quiz)
Paper: Life Preservers (evolution) aoyola/cfwebb Play 2 games (Quiz)
Game: Mission U.S. (U.S. history) sswallach/swconley  
  Wed, Feb 4
AK232 12-2pm (Snow Makeup)
The Concept Document   Read E2E Ch. 17 (Quiz)
    Read E2E Ch. 18 (Quiz)
Prototyping   Read Rettig Handout (Quiz)
    Read Marmura Handout (Quiz)
  Fri, Feb 6 Paper: Rai and Beck (math) nbmollica/thhunt Presenters: Turnin slides by midnight before
Game: Adventures of Josie True (girls STEM) prlepper/rjsmieja Read 2 papers (Quiz)
Paper: Connolly et al. (foreign language) tlee2 Play 3 games (Quiz)
Game: CodeCombat (programming) rhhayes/ychen4  
5 Tue, Feb 10 Concept Document Progress Reports    
  Fri, Feb 13 Simulation/Training Games   Read E2E Ch. 15 (Quiz)
Game: Foldit (protein folding) tlee2/eapolekoff Presenters: Turnin analysis by midnight before
Paper: Reeve (training teachers) rjsmieja/djacito Read 2 papers (Quiz)
Game: Cybersecure (information security) ynachum/jlucena Play 2 games (Quiz)
  Paper: Zielke et al. (cultural training) zwu3/swconley  
  Sun, Feb 15   Concept Document Due  (11:59pm via turnin)
6 Tues, Feb 17 Game: Stop Disasters! (disaster prevention) camalone/djacito Presenters: Turnin slides by midnight before
Games for Health   Read 1 paper (Quiz)
Game: Smash Your Food (nutrition) yzijian Play 4 games (Quiz)
Paper: Thompson et al. (diabetes prevention) tlei/sswallach  
Game: At-Risk On Campus Students (mental health) aoyola/cfwebb  
  Fri, Feb 20 Paper: Goebel et al. (exergames) camalone/ychen4 Presenters: Turnin slides by midnight before
Game: Lumosity (brain training) thhunt/nbmollica  
Games for Change (Political/Social)   Read Bogost Handout (Quiz)
Game: ICED (immigration policy) dwang2/tlei Read 2 papers (Quiz)
Paper: Lee et al. (climate change) yzijian/prlepper Play 2 games (Quiz)
7 Tue, Feb 24 Game: Inside the Haiti Earthquake (disaster relief) jmdecelle/zwu3 Presenters: Turnin slides by midnight before
Paper: Reeves et al. (energy conservation) eapolekoff/jmdecelle Read 1 paper (Quiz)
Game: Peacemaker (Arab-Israeli conflict) amsegal/erbenson Play 3 games (Quiz)
Final Prototype Presentations (1)   Group: Turnin slides by midnight before
  Fri, Feb 27 Final Prototype Presentations (5)   Each group: Turnin slides by midnight before
8 Tue, Mar 3 Industry Guest Speaker: Bert Snow, Muzzy Lane