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Intersperse lots of screen shots below! (see example)


Briefly describe the genre, the serious goals and the basic premise of the game.

Below is a detailed analysis of this game roughly following Brian Winn's1 Design/Play/Experience framework, including:


What are the intended outcomes of playing the game in terms of the players' beliefs, attitudes, skills and/or future actions? Be very specific--give an itemized list.


Describe the setting, character design and narrative upon which the game is based. How does the story support the intended learning? How does it interfere?


What are the choices the player can make in the game? Describe the mechanics (rules, challenges and goals), dynamics (behaviors over time) and affects (emotions experienced by player) in the game. How do these support the intended learning? How do they interfere? Is the game well balanced?

User Experience

Describe and evaluate the user interface, including both controls and displays. Do these designs work well? Do they interfere with learning?


Describe the hardware and software technologies used to implement the game, including the development tools (if known). Do you think good choices were made? Would you make different choices? If so, why?


If there has been any formal or informal assessment of the game, describe it here. Otherwise, make some suggestions for how the serious goals of the game could be assessed. Provide references if appropriate.


This is the place to summarize your overall rating of the game and to *suggest improvements*. Discuss how well you think it meets its serious goals.


  1. Winn, Brian. The Design, Play and Experience Framework. In R. Ferdig (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2009, pp. 388-401.