Serious Games
IMGD 4600 - C Term 2013

Student Analyses of Playable Serious Games

The analyses below were produced by individual students in the course during the 7-week term and discussed in class. The analyses are written roughly following Brian Winn's Design/Play/Experience framework.


  • The Adventures of Josie True (STEM for girls)
  • Light-Bot 2.0 (computer science)


  • At-Risk (peer counseling)
  • Cybersecure (data security)
  • Practice Marketing (marketing)


  • Elude (depression)
  • Pick Chow! (nutrition)
  • Lumosity (brain training)

    Political/Social Issues

  • Poverty Is Not A Game (poverty awareness)
  • I Can End Deportation (immigration policy)
  • What It Is (sexual violence)
  • Inside the Haiti Earthquake (disaster awareness)
  • Budget Hero (civic education)


  • Dealertown Ford (automotive)
  • BMW M3 Challenge (automotive)
  • The Expendables 2 (movie)

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