IMGD 4100 (B 11)

Homework Assignment #9

Steal Health

Due by Web Turn-In: Midnight, Wednesday, November 30

(See general homework instructions for turn-in details.)

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the behavior tree code in the Raven game, so that you can implement new goals for your personal Raven bot implementation, which will eventually be submitted as Homework #12 for entry into the Raven tournament.

You should only create and modify files in your personal bot folder! And remember to mark all your changes with //* comments to make your work easier to grade.

You will implement a new composite goal, "steal health", for use by the personal Raven bot that you created in Homework #8. The idea is that your bot should collect a health pack even if it doesn't need it, when there is a nearby opponent who does need it. Following is sketch of what you need to do. You should consult the code for similar existing goals, such as Goal_GetItem, for more details.

Run the Raven program with your bot selected to observe. You should see the desirability value for the new goal displayed at the bottom of the window. See if the goal is invoked in the right sorts of circumstances. You may need to adjust the tweaking parameter and/or the desirability calculation to get the behavior you want. Turn on the debugging console as per instructions on page 191 in Buckland and create a DebugLog.txt file which demonstrates that the new steal health goal was activated.

What to Turn In


Please post any questions to the myWPI forum for the course.

Acknowledgement: I would like to thank Robin Burke for allowing the reuse of this assignment.