IMGD 400X (B 08)

Homework Assignment #11

Game Brains

Due by Web Turn-In: Midnight, Wednesday, December 10

(See general homework instructions for turn-in details.)

This assignment was inspired by an article in the August issue of Game Developer magazine ( entitled "Game Brains", which very briefly reviewed eight current AI middleware systems.

The purpose of this assignment is to give you a chance to test your own broad understanding of game AI techniques and also to give you some practice presenting these ideas to a technical audience.

Each of you has been randomly assigned one AI middleware system to research and evaluate (either one of the eight in the magazine, or one of three more I have located). Imagine that you are the lead AI programmer in a game company and you have been asked to consider buying the AI middleware system in question for your next big project.

You will have 3 minutes to make your presentation, followed by a 1 minute question and speaker transition period. The instructor will hold the clicker to sequence between slides (no animations), and will warn you when you have 1 minute left in your presentation time.

Please prepare a maximum of four slides. The first slide should be a title slide, which includes the following information:

Your remaining three slides should include the following information: NB: Don't just parrot back the advertising hype you find on the company product web sites. Put things in your own words and try to relate it to the concepts we studied in the course.

What to Turn In


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