Technical Game Development II
IMGD 4000 - D Term 2011

Outline of Initial Treatment for Game Project

Due by email to rich and farbrook (at 11:59pm, Sunday, March 20

5% penalty on final grade if not turned in on time!

Note that this is not a "contract", but rather a chance to think through all aspects of your game before you start. You may, and likely will, change your mind about details as you work on the project---that is fine.

Please keep a copy of this document and add it to your game website, as soon as it is created (by March 27 at the latest).

Game Title:
Project Folder Name:
Group Leader:
IMGD 4000 Group Members:
IMGD 4500 Group Members:

  1. Where and when does the game take place?

  2. Who/what are the protagonist and adversary?

  3. Is there a unique game mechanic? If so, explain.

  4. Explain the general game narrative in 1-4 paragraphs

  5. Explain the primary objective of the player and how the player wins.

  6. Briefly describe each game asset:
    • Character A:
    • Character B:
    • Environment:
    • "Hero" object in environment:
    • Mobile/animated object in environment:
    • Other (3) objects in environment:
    • Ambient sound:
    • triggerable sounds (4):

  7. Briefly describe how each of the following technical requirements will be used in the game:
    • Steering:
    • Physics:
    • Simple pathfinding:
    • State-based AI:
    • Networking:

  8. Include all sketches, images, and concept art.