Technical Game Development II
IMGD 4000 - D Term 2011

Technical Milestone -- Monday, April 4, 2011

  • Every group will do a short (4 minute) demo in class by visiting their game web page on the podium machine and clicking on a link.

  • Make sure you test this before class!

  • Also before class, please also make sure your technical development schedule is up-to-date in your project folder on sourceforge.

  • You will be expected to demonstrate at least partial implementation of following technical elements:
    • basic physics (Rigid Body, Collider and Mesh Collider)
    • two force-based steering behaviors (see lecture)
    • basic A* pathfinding (see lecture)
    • object-oriented state machines (see lecture)
  • All of these will have been covered in lecture by Tuesday, March 29. You will not be responsible for demonstrating networking until the Beta Release (April 25), after this topic has been covered in lecture.

  • Include a README.txt in your project describing the technical components for which you are claiming credit (include class names).

  • This milestone will contribute 10% to your final grade (same for all students on team, barring exceptional circumstances).