Technical Game Development II
IMGD 4000 - D Term 2011

Game Project Design Constraints

The following are required constraints on your game design and implementation. The reasons for these constraints are pedagogical, but almost all game projects have some significant constraints, whether they come from technical, financial, legal or market sources. Note that when constraints below say "at least", that means you may exceed the requirement, but we strongly recommend against it, since it is better to do a more polished job with limited scope than to only partially accomplish overly ambitious goals.

Notice that the setting, narrative, character personality and game mechanics aspects of your project are not constrained. The game design will be a collaboration with art-track students in IMGD 4500, who will also be responsible for producing the art assets, including models, animations and sounds.

The game must:
  • include at least two fully-animated biped or quaruped characters. Each character can be used as either a player avatar or a non-player character (NPC).

  • use at least one of first-person perspective or third-person perspective.

  • be playable in both single-player and networked two-player mode.

  • have only one level, which is either indoor or outdoor, and includes one central or "hero" object.

  • include at least four non-character objects, at least one of which will be animated (such as bird that flaps its wings or a vehicle that can drive, etc.).

  • use the following techniques: physics, steering (using forces), pathfinding, state-based AI.

  • include ambient sound and at least four triggerable sounds.
See grading.