IMGD 4000 (D 09)

Individual Homework Assignment #4

Darkstar Chess

Due by Web Turn-In: Midnight, Sunday, April 12

(See general homework instructions for turn-in details.)

The goal of this fourth and last assignment is to learn about MMO technology by setting up an online server for playing chess using the Darkstar framework. In this assignment you will adapt the programs you wrote for the Chess World and Shallow Blue assignments to make them into Darkstar clients, so that players can either play against each other remotely or against a remote AI. To avoid cheating, the server will be the ultimate authority on legal moves and who won the game.

The Eclipse chess project you downloaded for the first assignment already contains all of runtime libraries needed to develop and run your assignment. However, in order to learn about Darkstar from the tutorials and example source code, you need to download the full DarkStar 0.9.8 distributions:

The Eclipse chess project contains sample code in the default package for a stripped-down Darkstar chess server ( and a trivial jME-based chess client ( Study this code and then test it as follows in a command shell:

Technical Requirements

Please post any questions to the myWPI discussion board for the course.