Date Readings Topic Readings (downloadable) Presentations (downloadable) Lecture (downloadable) Project Milestone
1 23-Jan Goal/Task Based User interfaces     Overview of Intelligent User Interfaces N/A
Rich & Sidner, DiamondHelp: A Generic Collaborative Task Guidance System, AI Magazine 2007 C. Rich
2 30-Jan Goal/Task Based User interfaces Lieberman & Espinosa, A Goal-Oriented Interface to Consumer Electronics using Planning and Commonsense Reasoning, IUI'06 C. Rich (Task Modeling Exercise) "Hello World" for task engine
CEA-2018 Task Model Description, 2007 [myWPI login required] N/A Intelligent Tutoring Systems Carefully read CEA-2018 standard document
3 6-Feb Intelligent Tutoring Systems Conati et al, On-Line Student Modeling for Coached Problem Solving Using Bayesian Networks, UM'97 M. Tavares Automated GUI Design Written proposal (includes paper sketch of task model)
Rickel & Johnson, Integrating Pedagogical Capabilities in a Virtual Environment Agent, AA'97 M. Sao Pedro
4 13-Feb Automated GUI Design Gajos & Weld, SUPPLE: Automatically Generating User Interfaces, IUI'04 R. Martin Personal Assistants Proposals approved
Bunt et al, Supporting Interface Customization using a Mixed-Initiative Approach, IUI'07 C. Gianfrancesco
5 20-Feb (DCB) Personal Assistants Segal & Kephart, MailCat: An Intelligent Assistant for Organizing E-Mail, AA'99 D. Cantor Recommender Systems First draft of task model in CEA-2018 notation
Berry et al, A Personalized Time Management Assistant: Research Directions, AAAI SS 2005 D. Palma
6 27-Feb Recommender Systems Schafer et al, Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems, LNCS 2007 J. Wilson Multimodal Dialogue Domain simulator implemented
Pazzani & Billsus, Content-Based Recommendation Systems, LNCS 2007 M. Dobosz
7 5-Mar Multimodal Dialogue Chai et al, A Probabilistic Approach to Reference Resolution, IUI'04 M. Waltz Collaborative Dialogue First running version of task guidance using model
Horchani et al, A Platform for Output Dialogic Strategies in Natural Multimodal Dialogue Systems, IUI'07 P. Freitas "Hello World" for Sphinx4
8 12-Mar Collaborative Dialogue Allen et al, Chester: Towards a Personal Medication Advisor, J. Biomedical Informatics 2006 [long paper] M. Dobosz Embodied Conversational Agents Design of natural language input grammar
Rich et al, COLLAGEN: Applying Collaborative Discourse Theory to Human-Computer Interaction, AI Magazine 2001 M. Sao Pedro
9 19-Mar Embodied Conversational Agents Pelachaud, Multimodal Expressive Embodied Conversational Agents, MM'05 R. Martin Affective Computing Implementation of natural language text input
Bickmore & Picard, Establishing and Maintaining Long-Term Human-Computer Relationships, ToCHI 2005 [long paper] M. Waltz
10 26-Mar Affective Computing Gratch & Marsella, Lessons from Emotion Psychology for the Design of Lifelike Characters, AAI 2005 D. Cantor Human-Robot Interaction Implementation of speech input
D'Mello et al, Towards an Affect-Sensitive AutoTutor, IEEE Intelligent Sys. 2007 C. Gianfrancesco "Hello World" for TTS
11 2-Apr Human-Robot Interaction Morency et al, Head Gestures for Perceptual Interfaces: The Role of Context in Improving Recognition, AIJ 2007 [long paper] J. Wilson Intelligent Environments Implementation of speech output
Breazeal et al, Learning From and About Others: Towards Using Imitation to Bootstrap the Social Understanding of Others by Robots, Art. Life 2004 [long paper] M. Tavares
12 9-Apr N/A N/A N/A N/A Informal demo and group feedback
13 16-Apr Intelligent Environments Hanssens et al, Building Agent-Based Intelligent Workspaces, ABA'02 D. Palma (Discussion of project-related problems and issues) Testing and improvement based on group feedback
Youngblood et al, A Learning Architecture for Automating the Intelligent Environment, IAAI'05 P. Freitas
14 23-Apr N/A N/A N/A N/A Final presentation, demo and written report due
? 30-Apr Snow Day Snow Day Snow Day Snow Day Snow Day