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CS4516 Advanced Computer Networks - Term D11
Instructor: Bob Kinicki

General and Historic Course Information
Course Information and Procedures | Academic Honesty Policies | Student Disabilities : last modified 12 March 2011
Required Text: Computer Networking A Top-Down Approach, Fifth Edition, James Kurose and Keith Ross
Recommended Text: TinyOS Programming, Philip Levis and David Gay, Cambridge University Press, 2009
Other Reference Texts: Networks Textbooks : last modified 11 March 2011

Introductory Explanation

The old undergraduate Computer Networks course, CS4514, has been replaced by two new courses CS3516 and CS4516. CS4516 provides more depth information on several of the topics introduced in CS3516 and puts emphasis on Wireless Local Area Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks and network security issues.

Course Syllabus (pdf) : last modified 21 April 11
Class List (pdf) : last modified 16 March 11
Programming Teams (pdf) : last modified 27 April 11

Programming Assignments

Design Report: Design Proposal for Global Employee Location Application : last modified 11 March 11
Program 1: Global Employee Location Server using Selective Repeat : last modified 12 March 11
WLAN Report: Wireless Measurement Study : last modified 21 Apr 11 Grade Sheet
Program 2: Sensing and Communicating using TinyOS and TelosB Motes : last modified 12 March 11
Program 3: A Network of TelosB Sub-Networks : last modified 29 April 11

TinyOS Helpful Sites

ER8600 Switch
WPI Campus Network

Office Hours Schedule

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Help Session Slides

Help Session 1 [D11] pdf pptx Updated: 20 Mar 11

Old CS4516 and CS4514 Exams

Mid Term Exams D11 Review (pdf) D11 (pdf) C10 (pdf) B08 (pdf) B07 (pdf) Answer Q13 Midterm D11 (pdf) Answer Q3 Midterm D11 (pdf)
Final Exams D11 Review (pdf) D11 (pdf) C10 (pdf) B08 (pdf) B07 (pdf) Answer Q15 Midterm B08 (pdf) Answer Q14 Midterm B07 (pdf)

CS4516 Lecture Slides

Course Objectives pdf pptx Updated: 13 March 11
Review: OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Suite pdf pptx Updated: 11 March 11
Review: Network Performance Measures pdf pptx Updated: 14 March 11
Sample Network Delay Problems pdf pptx Updated: 14 March 11
Review: Data Link Layer pdf pptx Updated: 16 March 11
Framing, Bit and Byte Stuffing pdf pptx Updated: 16 March 11
Transmission Errors pdf pptx Updated: 17 March 11
Physical Layer pdf pptx Updated: 25 Mar 11
Data Encoding pdf pptx Updated: 27 Mar 11
Transmission Media pdf pptx Updated: 30 Mar 11
Local Area Networks pdf pptx Updated: 3 Apr 11
Ethernet pdf pptx Updated: 8 Apr 11
Bridges pdf pptx Updated: 3 Apr 11
Wireless Networks pdf pptx Updated: 8 Apr 11
"Characterization of 802.11 Wireless Networks in the Home" pdf pptx Updated: 11 Apr 11
"Performance Anomaly of 802.11b" pdf pptx Updated: 10 Feb 10
"Performance Analysis of the Intertwined Effects between Network Layers for 802/11g Transmissions" pdf pptx Updated: 12 Apr 11
Cellular and Mobile Networks pdf pptx Updated: 11 Apr 11
Wireless Sensor Networks pdf pptx Updated: 11 Apr 11
Berkeley Introduction to Motes pdf pptx Updated: 15 Apr 11
Computer Network Performance Evaluation Video
  Updated: 16 Nov 06
Introduction to TinyOS and nesC pdf pptx Updated: 18 Apr 11
TinyOS Applications pdf pptx Updated: 20 Apr 11
FDDI pdf ppt Updated: 28 Nov 07
Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet pdf pptx Updated: 26 April 11
SONET pdf pptx Updated: 27 Apr 11
ATM pdf pptx Updated: 28 Feb 10
Distributed Denial of Service Tutorial pdf ppt Updated: 1 Mar 10
Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems pdf pptx Updated: 1 Mar 10

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