Open Source Code

See Robot Web Tools for our open source tools for building web-based robot apps.

Additional ROS packages available for download from the wpi-rail-ros-pkg repository:

  • nao_rail: Kinect interface for controlling the Aldebaran Nao.
  • rovio: Code for interfacing with the WowWee Rovio.
  • lfd: Implementation of the Confidence-Based Autonomy learning from demonstration algorithm
  • RMS: The RMS (Robot Management System) is a remote lab management tool designed to control ROS enabled robots from the web.
  • Robot Web Tools
  • rail_youbot: The rail youbot stack contains packages and nodes that can be used to communicate with a Kuka youBot.
  • rail_object_detection: This stack provides packages for detecting objects and surfaces in an indoor environment. It was designed for and tested with a Microsoft Kinect with the capabilities of the Kuka youBot in mind.

...please see wpi-rail-ros-pkg repository for full list.
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