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Menghai Pan

Ph.D. Student

Department of Computer Science
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Phone: (508)667-9360

Advisor: Dr. Yanhua Li

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I am a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My general research interests include urban computing and machine learning. I am a member of DSRG, working with Prof. Yanhua Li.


  1. Menghai Pan, Yanhua Li, Zhi-Li Zhang, and Jun Luo.
    SCCS: Smart Cloud Commuting System with Shared Autonomous Vehicles
    Under submission.

  2. Menghai Pan, Yanhua Li, Xun Zhou, Zhenming Liu, Rui Song, Hui Lu, and Jun Luo.
    Dissecting the Learning Curve of Taxi Drivers: A Data-Driven Approach.
    SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM19), Hyatt Regency Calgary | Calgary, Alberta, Canada, May 2 - 4, 2019. (90/397=22.7% Acceptance Ratio).

  3. Menghai Pan, Guanxiong Liu, Yanhua Li, Zhi-Li Zhang, and Jun Luo.
    Modeling Urban Trip Demands in Cloud-Commuting System: A Holistic Approach.
    SmartCity'17: The 3rd IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Smart Cities and Urban Computing, May 1-4 2017, Atlanta, GA, USA..

  4. Menghai Pan, Taihui Li, Yanhua Li, Zhi-Li Zhang, and Jun Luo.
    Smart Cloud Commuting with Shared Autonomous Vehicles: A First Feasibility Study.
    Urbcomp'18: The 7th International Workshop on Urban Computing, August 20, 2018, London, UK. (Held in conjunction with ACM SIGKDD 2018)..


Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Ph.D. student in Computer Science, Present

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, 2016