Mohamed Y. Eltabakh
Associate Professor

Computer Science Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA, USA, 01609

Office: Fuller Building, FL-235
Phone: 508-831-6421
Fax: 508-831-5776
Email: meltabakh@cs.wpi.edu

Dr. Eltabakh is currently on a sabbatical leave (until July 2018). He is a Visiting Faculty at Teradata Labs, El Segundo, CA. He is working with the query optimizer team on exciting projects related to the Teradata Analytics Platform.

Dr. Eltabakh is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is a member of the Database Systems Research Group in WPI (DSRG). He is an affliated faculty with the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology program (BCB), and the Healthcare Delivery Institte (HDI) at WPI. He is also a core faculty member in the WPI's Data Science program (DS).

Eltabakh received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Purdue Universityin May 2010. He joined IBM Almaden Research Center between April 2010 and June 2011. His research and teaching interests are in the broad areas of database management systems, cloud-based big data infrastructures, scalable data curation and metadata management, scientific data management, query processing and optimization, and scalable data analytics.

Dr Eltabakh is involved in and provides services to the scientific community in various forms. He is an editorial board member in the International Journal of Data Engineering (IJDE), International Journal of Big Data (IJBD), the Science and Engineering Research Support soCiety (SERSC), and the Springer International Journal Transactions on Large-Scale Data and Knowledge Centered Systems (TLDKS). He is a member of the review board of several top-tier journals including the ACM TODS, IEEE TKDE, ACM PVLDB, among several others. He have been also on the program committee of several top-tier conferences including the IEEE ICDE, ACM SIGMOD, EDBT, CIKM, among many others. He has been NSF panelist in 2013 & 2014.