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Other Publications

"Using Computers to Teach Graphics", M. O. Ward, Proc. of Mid-Year Meeting of the Engineering Graphics Division of the ASEE, 1987. ( abstract)

"Object Recognition with Adaptive Decision Trees", W. Lam and M. O. Ward, Proc. SPIE Symposium on Advances in Intelligent Robotics Systems, Vol. 1192, pp. 721-731, 1989. ( abstract)

"Cartographic Character Recognition", H. Rafal and M. O. Ward, Proc. SPIE Conference on Visual Communications and Image Processing, Vol. 1199, pp. 1345-1357, 1989. ( abstract)

"Nucleotide Sequence Analysis Using Correlation Images", M. O. Ward and D. Adams, Proc. First IEEE Conference on Visualization in Biomedical Computing, pp. 49-56, 1990. ( abstract)

"Image Segmentation using Domain Constraints", M. O. Ward and S. Rajasekaran, Proc. SPIE Symposium on Advances in Intelligent Systems, Vol. 1381, pp. 490-500, 1990. ( abstract)

"A DBMS Architecture for Global Change Research", N. Hachem, M. Gennert, and M. O. Ward, Proc. ISY Conference on Earth and Space Science Information Systems, Feb. 1992, published as AIP Conference Proceedings 283, (ed. A. Zygielbaum), pp. 121-132, AIP Press, New York, 1993. ( abstract) ( full paper )

"Requirements of a Database Management System for Global Change Studies", Y. Zhou, M. Gennert, N. Hachem, and M. O. Ward, Proc. 1992 ACSM-ASPRS Convention, pp. 186-194, August, 1992. ( abstract) ( full paper )

"Interaction Between Different Types of Domain Constraint Knowledge in Image Segmentation", S. Wells and M. O. Ward, Proc. SPIE Symposium on Model-Based Vision, Vol. 1827, pp. 198-208, October, 1992. ( abstract)

"The Pursuit of Structure in N-Dimensional Space", J. LeBlanc and M. O. Ward, Notes from the 1992 Workshop on Multivariate, Multidimensional Visualization at Visualization '92, 1992. ( abstract)

"Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Data Quality", J. Zheng and M. O. Ward, Proc. 1993 GIS/LIS Conference, pp. 727-737, Nov. 1993. ( abstract) ( full paper )

"Visualizing Changes in 2-D and 3-D Shapes", J. Rasku and M. O. Ward, Proc. DICTA '93, pp. 312-319, December, 1993. ( abstract) ( full paper )

"A Conceptual Design for a Computational Environment for Geological Data Analysis and Management", M. O. Ward, T. Lin, S. Kravis, and P. Lamb, CSIRO Division of Information Technology Technical Report TR-HJ-94-06, 23 pages, April, 1994. ( abstract)

"Visualizing High-Dimensional, Multi-Parameter Geological Data", M. O. Ward and F. Horowitz, Proc. 12th Australian Geological Convention, pp. 451-452, September, 1994. ( abstract) ( full paper )

"Screen Layout Methods for Multidimensional Visualization", M. O. Ward and D. Keim, Proc. CODATA Euro-American Workshop on Visualization of Information and Data, June, 1997. ( abstract) ( full paper )

``NVIS: An Interactive Visualization Tool For Neural Networks,'' M. Streeter, M. O. Ward, and S. Alvarez, Proc. SPIE Symposium on Visual Data Analysis, Jan., 2001.

``XmdvTool: Visual Interactive Data Exploration and Trend Discovery of High-dimensional Data Sets,'' E. Rundensteiner, M. Ward, J. Yang, and P. Doshi, ACM SIGMOD CONFERENCE 2002, demonstration paper, Wisconsin, June 2002.

"Interactive Poster: XmdvTool: Interactive Visual Data Exploration System For High-dimensional Data Sets", M. O. Ward, E. A. Rundensteiner, J. Yang, P. R. Doshi and G. Rosario, InfoVis 2002, (October, 2002).

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