We've already seen this mace, which is a polygonalized sphere with cone glyphs at the surface. The orientation is determined by the surface normal at the location of the glyph.

Next, we see a visualization of blood flow in human carotid arteries. The orientation of the cone glyphs are controlled by blood flow direction. The size of the glyphs are directed by the magnitude of blood flow.

This image was obtained from The Visualization Toolkit's example set.

Next we see three bicycle glyphs. The following mappings apply:

The bike on the left, with large handlebars, small wheels, and a low seat, is probably a children's bike. It doesn't have a very high top speed, and is designed for smaller people. The fact that it has a large number of gears may indicate that it is a child's "first" 21-speed bike. The middle bike is a middle-of-the-roader, designed for average sized people, with a reasonable number of gears and an average top speed. The bike on the right is designed for aggresive, large riders (like Steve Segenchuk).