Comp 280 Class Schedule

Note: Readings are generally listed per week rather than per class.

Jan 18The Set Data ModelSections 1.1 and 1.2
Jan 20Proofs about Programs 
Jan 25General InductionSections 3.1 and 4.4
Section 3.3 (suggested)
Jan 27The Foundations of Induction 
Feb 1Adding Axioms to ModelsSection 10.3
Feb 3Propositional LogicSections 6.1, 6.2
Feb 8More Propositional LogicSection 6.3 (suggested)
Feb 10Predicate LogicSections 7.1, 7.2
Feb 15Domain example: web data 
Feb 17Graphs and RelationsSection 1.3
Feb 22CountingSection 5.2
Feb 24More Counting 
Feb 29Recurrence RelationsSection 5.3
Mar 2More Recurrence Relations 
Mar 7Mid-term Recess 
Mar 9Mid-term Recess 
Mar 14Domain example: set-based analysis 
Mar 16More set-based analysis 
Mar 21Introduction to Prolog 
Mar 23More Prolog 
Mar 28Domain example: Databases 
Mar 30Spring Recess 
Apr 4Databases cont. 
Apr 6Databases cont. 
Apr 11Databases cont. 
Apr 13Finite state machines 
Apr 18Finite state machines: Modeling 
Apr 20Finite state machines: Closure Properties 
Apr 25Finite state machines: Minimization 
Apr 27Finite state machines: Implementing 

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