John Boaz Lee

CS PhD Student

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jtlee at wpi dot edu

Fuller Labs, Rm. 312


I am a graduate student working under the supervision of Dr. Xiangnan Kong at the Department of Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My research interests include deep learning, information and social network analysis, and data mining.


  • Java
  • Python
  • LaTeX
  • Design Patterns
  • Git
  • C#
  • C
  • R


J.B. Lee, R.A. Rossi, and X. Kong. Graph Classification using Structural Attention. In Proc. of KDD '18. London, UK. [pdf]

G.H. Nguyen, J.B. Lee, R.A. Rossi, N.K. Ahmed, E. Koh, and S. Kim. Dynamic Network Embeddings: From Random Walks to Temporal Random Walks. In Proc. of BigData '18. Seattle, USA. (Previously appeared as a workshop paper @ WWW). [pdf]

G.H. Nguyen, J.B. Lee, R.A. Rossi, N.K. Ahmed, E. Koh, and S. Kim. Continuous-Time Dynamic Network Embeddings. In Companion Proc. of WWW '18. Lyon, France.

J.B. Lee, X. Kong, Y. Bao, and C. Moore. Identifying deep contrasting networks from time series data: Application to brain network analysis. In Proc. of SDM '17. Houston, USA. [pdf]

J.B. Lee, A. Ihara, A. Monden, and K. Matsumoto. Patch reviewer recommendation in OSS projects. In Proc. of APSEC '13. Bangkok, Thailand. (Best Presentation Award) [pdf]

J.B. Lee, M. Ybanez, M.M. de Leon, and M.R.E. Estuar. Understanding the behavior of Filipino twitter users during disaster. Journal on Computing 3(2), 2013.

J.B. Lee and M. Ybanez. Characterizing behavior and features of participants and observers during disaster on twitter. In Proc. of CGAT '13. Singapore.

J.B. Lee and H. Adorna. Link prediction in a modified heterogeneous bibliographic network. In Proc. of ASONAM '12. Istanbul, Turkey. [pdf]

J.B. Lee, G. Cabunducan, R. Castillo, F.G. Cabarle, and J.A. Malinao. Uncovering the social dynamics of online elections. Journal of Universal Computer Science 18(4), 2012. [pdf]

J.A. Malinao, R.A.B. Juayong, E.R.F. Oquendo, R.M.U. Tadlas, J.B. Lee, J.B. Clemente, M.S. Gaabucayan-Napalang, J.R.F. Regidor, and H.N. Adorna. A quantitative analaysis-based algorithm for optimal data signature construction of traffic data sets. Journal of Information Processing 21(3), 2012.

G. Cabunducan, R. Castillo, and J.B. Lee. Voting behavior analysis in the election of wikipedia admins. In Proc. of ASONAM '11. Kaohsiung, Taiwan. (Best Poster Paper Award) [pdf, poster]


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

PhD, Computer Science


University of the Philippines - Diliman

MS, Computer Science


Silliman University

BS, Computer Science


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