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In his survey article on the subject [Chri 90], Christiansen identified six potential problems with grammar adaptability. For the immediate future, implementation of a RAG-based parser generator should be a research priority, as the availability of such a system would facilitate practical, and to some extent theoretical, investigation of the RAG model.  There are also a variety of purely theoretical conjectures regarding the RAG model that could be explored, although at the moment there seems no specific reason to assign high priority to them. 

In the longer term, the author hopes to use the RAG model to develop a solid formal basis on which to analyze the abstraction mechanisms of arbitrary programming languages.  Here, abstraction is meant in its most general and comprehensive sense applicable to programming, encompassing the entire evolutionary process by which new program entities are created and old ones are hidden.  The criterion of strong answer-encapsulation was developed with this long-term goal specifically in mind. 

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