Adaptive Grammars

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These pages were my first major attempt at web authoring — at a time, moreover, when no-one had much experience with web authoring, as the web was still new.  I made an egregious mistake in their design, that I haven't yet found time to decide how to fix:  Every time any of these pages refers to the content of any of the others, the reference is a hyperlink to the other page.  The result is that, although the core pages make a fairly clear exposition of the subject if you read them in order, the links keep trying to drag you off course.  It's easy to get lost, and difficult to read the core pages in order.

I've made a few smallish changes to the content over the years, but there are additional resources on adaptive grammars, and some in related areas, that I ought to weave in.  Here are a few related URLs:

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