Simple Linear Regression


Icebreaker: What game are you analyzing for Project 4?


  1. Think about an answer yourself
  2. Discuss your answer with your partner(s)
  3. Write down your joint answer
  1. In simple linear regression, the y-intercept (b) represents the:

    1. predicted value of Y
    2. change in Y per unit change in X
    3. predicted value of Y when X=0
    4. variation around the line
  2. A simple linear regression model for predicting a player's points (Y) is 6 X + 10, where X is the player's level.

    1. How many more points can a player expect to get when they level up?
    2. How many points can a level 10 player expect to get?


Have ONE person from each group submit the group's answers:

Make sure to include the names of all group members.

Happy regressing!

-- Mark