CS5084: Introduction to Algorithms

Fall 2017

Class & room

Wednesday, 6--8:50 pm, Fuller Labs 311.


Micha Hofri
Department of Computer Science
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Office: FL133
Email : hofri at wpi.edu
Phone : x6911
Office hours: M & W 4-5pm,  OR by appointment
(via email is best).

The above are my usual office hours. Since we meet on Wednesdays, and some of you arrive from outside the campus, I am willing to schedule additional time before and/or after the class meeting. This is best arranged via email.

Accessing the web site

As you see, the course web site is open to all. However, it has been found advisable to make the following directories accessible only from WPI locations: assignments, lecture notes, and exams.

A "WPI location" means being on any of the WPI campus networks, and when off-campus, getting your browser to use the library proxy. Instructions how to do that are at proxy
(The EZProxy and the VPN are not up to the task, AFAIK, but things change...).

Class Mailing Lists

Email sent to cs5084-all at cs.wpi.edu will go to the course instructor and to all students registered for the course.
Use this address for all questions related to the course, be they about an odd phrase in the homework, or an issue left unclear in class --- it is an excellent bet, that if you have a question, it troubles other students who have not yet made up their mind to ask about it. Asking good questions this way would be awarded bonus points.

The list is created a few days before the beginning of classes and includes the students then registered. It is recreated periodically---especially early in the term---to reflect changing class population. If you join later, and hear of class email you did not receive, let me know soon; I cannot add your address, but I can trigger the process that will.