Sun Microsystems, Inc.

At A Glance

Term: A 2009

Project Opportunities: MQPs for CS, IMGD, ECE, and RBE majors

Housing: Students commute from WPI Campus

Director: Professor George Heineman
Co-Director: Professor Gary Pollice

Preparation: None

Transportation: Bus transportation from WPI to Sun Microsystems will be provided for the participating project students.


These MQPs will take place at Sun Microsystems' Burlington campus, roughly 1 hour from campus. This is the "east coast campus" for this Fortune 500 company. The research labs at the Burlington Sun Microsystems campus have been active in developing cutting-edge research prototypes and truly innovative products.


We envisions a set of projects that lie within the core disciplines of CS and ECE as well as opportunities to work on interdisciplinary projects for IMGD and RBE majors. The proposed projects range from the game industry’s first open source, enterprise grade, highly scalable, online game server (Project DarkStar) to a programmable infrastructure for small wireless devices (Project SunSpot). There is also a project that investigates the Fortress language, seen as the successor to the Java programming language.

Estimated Expenses:

No additional expenses will be incurred.

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