As MQP coordinator, I have several responsibilities

  1. Help faculty members identify students for MQPs
  2. Help students identify potential faculty members with whom to pursue an MQP
  3. Be a contact for companies seeking to sponsor an MQP
  4. Schedule MQP Presentations in both B term and D term

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Projects looking for students

Emmanuel Agu MQP projects

Faculty Member Project Description and/or requirements Added
Emmanuel Agu Area: Graphics on Mobile Devices (expect two MQP projects)

Project Idea: Ray tracer on mobile Device

  • Thrust: Speed/Power trade-offs in Ray Tracer
  • Our group has written GPU Ray tracer
  • MQP: Reduce energy consumption of ray tracing algorithms
  • Key finding: 1 memory access can consume up to 200x energy of 1 CPU instruction
  • Implications: reduce memory access = reduce energy use
  • Example: Consider speed-power trade-offs for
    • Acceleration structures (uniform grid, bounding volumes, BSP
      trees, Kd-trees) Our current focus
Dave Brown I am interested in working with smart, diligent, independent students on projects concerning HCI, and projects relating AI to HCI or to Design (software or engineering).

I am open to any proposals from students, in particular to work on testing work developed by MS and PhD students in the area of the application of AI to Design, especially in assumptions, design rationale, functional reasoning, simplification or multi-agent systems (e.g., SiFAs). These require AI knowledge such as that obtained in CS 4341, or CS 534.

Neil Heffernan Neil Heffernan is interested in advising MQP projects on the $3 million dollar ASSISTment Project. The ASSISTment project provides intelligent math tutoring to thousands of students in Worcester Public Schools, Leicester and Shrewsbury. We plan to scale to be able to support every student in Massachusetts. So if you project is successful it will be used by thousands of students. Projects include system building, software engineering, evaluation, data mining etc. See the papers at for examples. Experience in Ruby and SQL is a plus. 2/13/2007


Faculty Member Project Description and/or requirements Added
As MQP coordinator, George Heineman will be the point of contact until a faculty member is selected to advise this project. Part of the manufacturing activity at Worcester Manufacturing involves the electroplating of metal parts. The parts to be plated are placed on racks which are hung on machine arms that automatically raise, index and lower into the sequence of tanks necessary to execute the plating cycle. The business process from order entry to shipping and invoicing is computerized but the machine processing parameters as called out in the work order and the tracking of parts is input manually.

The goal of this project would be to improve quality, track costs, manage material flow and schedule production through the design and implementation of a system (software, hardware and interfaces) that automatically monitors and adjusts the process parameters. One possibility would be to scan the existing work order, link the information therein to the arms on the plating machine as they are loaded with racks; define detectors at process stations to read this information and set the voltage/current on the rectifiers via an RS232 interface and link the quantity produced to the central server as the parts finish the cycle.

The initial phase of the project would be to explore what other approaches might more effectively meet the goals.

As envisioned, this project is perfect for a multi-disciplinary team composed of both CS and ECE students.

Charles Flanagan
Worcester Manufacturing

Craig Wills It is anticipated that Cisco Systems in Boxborough, MA will be sponsoring 2-3 MQPs in the area of Voice, Media Routing and Networking along with tools associated with these areas. Projects will be done on-site in one term (B if possible) with a prior A term PQP.

Suggested Background: Familiarity with Networking, Object-Oriented Programming (C++/Java), Databases and Webware.

Stanley Selkow Fabio and I can use students on our ongoing Transcription Assistant project

Other details for possible MQPs can be found here.

We don't need special skills beyond those expected of junior and senior CS majors.
Gary Pollice I have posted a couple of MQP ideas on the school's pages. I've had one response for a possible MQP for the Eclipse plug-in to add JUnit scripting to the object bench plug-in that Liam Morley and Justin Braga did last year. The main skills I'm looking for are Java and some software engineering skills. I've got room for a couple of more projects that I believe I posted that are the same type.

Also, Jim Schementi is going to do his with me on developing a framework, possibly a domain-specific language for games. One more person might be appropriate for that. I don't think he's got a partner yet.
Mark Claypool General Encryption Manager PDA Port. Students would be tasked to port the General Encryption Manager (GEM) Lite product to a PDA. GEM Lite is an SNMP based product developed by General Dynamics C4 Systems for the management of their secure encryption product line. Students would build upon the work on previous students who verified the feasibility of operating SNMP on a PDA. Embedded Visual C++ would be used for PDA development, while Visual C++ on Windows2000 would be used develop any agent that may be required. Focus would be on the underlying GEM Lite functionality and not the user interface.

General Encryption Manager User Interface Design for PDA. The General Encryption Manager (GEM) Lite product was developed by
General Dynamics C4 Systems for the management of their secure encryption product line. Currently, this product operates on a PC based platform. Students would be tasked to look in the user interface design issues in porting the GEM Lite product to a PDA. Given the significantly reduced display size, students would need to innovate novel concepts in order to present a large amount of information. No explicit coding is expected, but certainly could be considered depending on student progress throughout the 7 week term.
Phillip G Deneault
Michael Ciaraldi
Prof. Ciaraldi and I have been talking about an MQP that we'd like some students to work on, however we seem to be lacking students. As the MQP Coordinator for CS if you have students that need an MQP, please send them our way. Any students would be good but if you have a small group (it could even be an individual) looking for an MQP shorter than three terms, that would be ideal. April 13 2006