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    September 2018: Sujiken® Android App released!
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April 2016: 2nd Edition

Creating robust software requires the use of efficient algorithms, but programmers seldom think about them until a problem occurs. This updated edition of Algorithms in a Nutshell describes a large number of existing algorithms for solving a variety of problems, and helps you select and implement the right algorithm for your needs.with just enough math to let you understand and analyze algorithm performance. More...



  April 2016: CompArch 2016

This Federated Event on Component-Based Software Engineering and Software Architecture will be held in Venice, Italy.

    November 2009: Sujiken®is here
  As with Sudoku, you must ensure no digit is repeated within a row, column or one of the three 3x3 larger squares.

Now, however, the diagonal matters.

No digit can be repeated along any diagonal and no digit can be repeated in the three large triangle regions or three 3x3 square regions enclosed with thick borders.

Puzzles available online and there are books available.



CBSE cover   June 2001

Numerous books and articles have been written about component-based development (CBD) and CBSE. However common terms, such as software component, have been used by many authors and are ambiguously defined. This book satisfies the need for a comprehensive study of software components.