CS Outcomes

Based on the educational objectives, the specific educational outcomes for the WPI Computer Science undergraduate program are that by the time of graduation CS majors will have achieved:

  1. an understanding of programming language concepts;
  2. knowledge of computer organization;
  3. an ability to analyze computational systems;
  4. knowledge of computer operating systems;
  5. an understanding of the foundations of computer science;

  6. an understanding of software engineering principles and the ability to apply them to software design;
  7. an understanding of human-computer interaction;
  8. completion of a large software project;
  9. knowledge of advanced computer science topics;
  10. an understanding of mathematics appropriate for computer science;

  11. knowledge of probability and statistics;
  12. an understanding of scientific principles;
  13. an  ability to design experiments and interpret experimental data;
  14. an ability to undertake independent learning;
  15. an ability to locate and use technical information from multiple sources;

  16. an understanding of professional ethics;
  17. an understanding of the links between technology and society;
  18. an ability to participate effectively in a class or project team;
  19. an ability to communicate effectively in speech;
  20. an ability to communicate effectively in writing.

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