POST 2012 Accepted Papers

Jason Crampton and Charles Morisset. PTaCL:  A Language for Attribute-Based Access Control in Open Systems
Miriam Paiola and Bruno Blanchet. Verification of security protocols with lists:  from length one to unbounded length
Dimiter Milushev and Dave Clarke. Towards Incrementalization of Holistic Hyperproperties
Matteo Centenaro, Riccardo Focardi and Flaminia Luccio. Type-based Analysis of PKCS#11
Ting-Fang Yen and Michael Reiter. Revisiting Botnet Models and Their Implications for Takedown Strategies
Jason Franklin, Sagar Chaki, Anupam Datta, Jonathan Mccune and Amit Vasudevan. Parametric Verification of Address Space Separation
Veronique Cortier, Jan Degrieck and Stephanie Delaune. Analysing routing protocols: four nodes topologies are sufficient
Eike Best and Philippe Darondeau. Deciding Selective Declassification of Petri Nets
Myrto Arapinis, Sergiu Bursuc and Mark Ryan. Privacy supporting cloud computing: ConfiChair, a case study
Myrto Arapinis, Sergiu Bursuc and Mark Ryan. Reduction of equational theories for verification of trace equivalence: re-encryption and associativity-commutativity
Veronique Cortier and Cyrille Wiedling. A formal analysis of the Norwegian e-voting protocol
David Basin, Cas Cremers and Simon Meier. Provably Repairing the ISO/IEC 9798 Standard for Entity Authentication
Hubert Comon-Lundh, Véronique Cortier and Guillaume Scerri. Security proof with dishonest keys
Gilles Barthe, Benjamin Gregoire, Sylvain Heraud, Federico Olmedo and Santiago Zanella Béguelin. Verified Indifferentiable Hashing into Elliptic Curves
David Basin, Vincent Juge, Felix Klaedtke and Eugen Zalinescu. Enforceable Security Policies Revisited
Gergei Bana and Hubert Comon-Lundh. Towards Unconditional Soundness: Computationally Complete Symbolic Attacker
Mu Yang, Vladimiro Sassone and Sardaouna Hamadou. A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Cooperation in Anonymity Networks
Anupam Datta, Divya Sharma and Arunesh Sinha. Provable De-anonymization of Large Datasets with Sparse Dimensions
Torben Amtoft, Josiah Dodds, Zhi Zhang, Andrew Appel, Lennart Beringer, John Hatcliff, Xinming Ou and Andrew Cousino. A Certificate Infrastructure for Machine-Checked Proofs of Conditional Information Flow
Umut Acar, Amal Ahmed, James Cheney and Roly Perera. A core calculus for provenance