Light Gun Reviews

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Virtual Gun Gun Virtual Gun
Manufacturer Nuby
Cord Length 8'
Rating B+


Name Synopsis
Meia In my opinion this is the only gun that I have used for the PlayStation that gives the Guncon a run for its money. This gun is very accurate, even when you switch the gun to auto fire-auto re-load. This isn’t a licensed gun, which really is a shame, because it’s much more accurate than NUBY’s gun which is licensed for the PlayStation, the Heater. I would strongly recommend this gun, especially for those who like the auto fire mode, like myself.

The Virtual Gun looks the same as the Cobra Gun and the Heater, but with all the features of the Cobra Gun and red plastic instead of blue or (bleh) yellow. It feels heavier than the Cobra Gun—too heavy, really—and seems a bit more accurate. Players can purchase the optional Superscope (a goofy sight that bolts onto the top of the Gun) and Reload Pedal (a floor-based SPECIAL button), but the Gun works just fine without either of ‘em. This is probably the best unlicensed light gun of them all.

Innova If you can't find a Namco GunCon (which only comes packed in with Time Crisis and Point Blank), this is the light gun to get.  It has excellent features, such as auto-reload and auto-fire.   It is also the most accurate of all the non-Guncon light guns.  You will experience some missed shots if you're using auto-fire while using this gun with Elemental Gearbolt, otherwise, it's extremely accurate.  If you can't have the GunCon, this is the gun to get.