Light Gun Reviews

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Fazor Gun Fazor
Manufacturer Mad Catz
Cord Length 6'
Rating C+


Name Synopsis
Meia I don’t really care for the design of this gun, I’m not a big Star Trek fan. The gun was semi accurate and lightweight, but the start button was located back by your wrist on the right side making it difficult to pause the game. It was kind of hard to aim the gun because there’s nothing to point at the screen. This gun is alright..

While a certain Working Designs employee insists that this gun is only suited for use by gay homosexual Star Trek fans, I think it’s actually kinda neat. The first thing you notice is the almost nonexistent weight; the Fazor practically floats in your hand. The second thing you notice is the placement of the SPECIAL buttons, which are very close to the trigger and quite easy to hit; you can pull the trigger with your middle finger (huh-huh) and work the SPECIAL buttons with your index finger and thumb at the same time, which makes for quite a bitchin’ setup with Elemental Gearbolt. What don’t I like? The Fazor is so light that I had a tendency to aim too high, because there wasn’t any heft (or any barrel) to keep the weapon pointed downward. And the accuracy seemed to suffer after a while. Otherwise, quite a decent gun.

Innova Despite the gay Star Trek design, I really liked this gun. It is really lightweight and has solid button placement.  This is one of the few light guns that will allow you to play Elemental Gearbolt effectively with only one hand.  The Fazor's biggest plus (lightweight), is also one of its weaknesses.  Because the gun was so light, I found it difficult to aim, at times, and found that my arm actually got more tired using it than with the heavier guns (probably because I felt the need to grip it tighter).  Overall, a solid gun.