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IMGD-3000: Technical Game Development I
Project 1
Due: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 11:59pm


In this project, you will start to learn the basics of the C4 engine using tutorials, and then extend one of them with your own work.

There are two parts to this project: a "Preparation" part, and a "New Stuff" part.

Preparation: The aim of this preparation part is to set up your environment for running the tutorials using "The Beginner's Guide to the C4 Engine." (a.k.a. The Guide)

Download the zip files for Version 1.04.10 of the C4 Engine from the WPI SourceForge project for the C4 Engine, copy it to the directory where you will be doing your work, and unzip it. There will be a whole source tree, with accompanying project files for building using Visual Studio or Xcode.

Download the zip file for The Guide from the WPI SourceForge project for the C4 Engine, copy it to a folder where you will be working (different from the C4 folder), and unzip it. There will be a PDF file, as well as some other resources.

Read Chapters 1-3 in The Guide for building C4, and take it for a spin!

New Stuff:
  1. Go through Chapter 4 "Creating a Simple World" in The Guide.
  2. Add 10% to your results, and save them as "YourName_1.wld".

the Problem:
Your goal here should be to gain a good intro to the C4 Engine. Don't concentrate on whether you have added 10% -- use this project to learn as much as you can from the tutorials and the book. It's very hard (though not impossible) to do less than 10% if you just spend some time experimenting.

A great place for more info on C4 is on the C4 wiki. There are lots of tutorials there, and learning by doing will serve you well. Start with something small, like the "Hello World" tutorial, and work up from there.

Next, read through the C4 Forums on the things that you are stuck on. They know you are coming, so please post to the "Beginners" forum with your questions! Of course, read through older posts before submitting.

Documentation: Create a short README outlining your 10% (or more!) extensions to the Chapter 4 tutorial.

Submission: All documents are to be submitted electronically via turnin by 11:59 pm on the day the assignment is due.

When you are ready to submit, zip up your .wld file and your README into a single archive file.
Name the file

You will use the new Web-based "Turnin" facility to submit your work. Information about submitting can be found here:

Your WPI user ID should be used to login, and you should have been emailed a password.
The Turnin assignment ID is proj1.

Remember the policy on Academic Honesty: You may discuss the project with others, but you are to do your own work. The official WPI statement for Academic Honesty can be accessed HERE.

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