Team: Red Dawn (Dana Asplund and Kalun Fu)
IMGD3000 Final Project

Download Demo! (80MB)

Game Description:
In Sumo, you are a sphere trying to knock the other player(s) off the platform. Sumo will rely heavily upon “accurate” physics, and for added challenge the platform will decrease in area over time.

Game Features:
1. Single player mode.
2. One playable level.
3. Five different characters (textures).
4. Outer sections of the platform fall off over time.
5. Controls: basic movement with four keys. Forward/Backward for speed control, and Left/Right for changing orientation. You may hop with the Space Bar a short distance and height.

Project Schedule:
02 Feb: Project kickoff meeting.
05 Feb: Web page set up to show your progress.
09 Feb: Level in place, single character model, level music, movement controls, and beginning physics.
12 Feb: Milestone 1: Playable game prototype presented in class. Show off the level, sphere, basic movement and collisions.
13 Feb: Go nuts on physics, platform reduction, sound effects, AI.
19 Feb: Milestone 2: "Feature-complete" game, all major functionality in place. No new ideas! Test and finish code.
25 Feb: Game complete. Go home and get some sleep.

Copyright 2007, Dana Asplund and Kalun Fu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute