Front Lawning

Game Description

The game Front Lawning follows the trials and tribulations of a relatively typical soccer mom in a suburbia setting. Unfortunately for those property owners and other drivers on the road, this mom is in a hurry. The player must make it to their ultimate destination within the time limit, using all of the capabilities her SUV has to offer, including swerving around traffic, driving through lawns, and knocking down anything and anyone that comes in her way.


Our Final Product, complete with goal

A view of our first attempt

Latest News

3/01/07 DONE! Finally managed to work out the few kinks in our game - our end-game collectable, our kids, our UI, and our movement all behave correctly now. Only thing that we never managed to get to work again was the loading of the SUV model for the player - instead, we must settle with the soldier model still.
2/27/07 Presented our final product today - unfortunately, again, on the computer that we used to display it much of our game did not work - namely the model and the collection of the "kids" while in game. These problems will be hammered out by Thursday, however.
2/20/07 Our "feature full" game was presented today - unfortunately, we are still lacking a good many parts of our final product. Hopefully in the next week we will make some good progress.
2/15/07 Still working through the game - sadly, had to start over not to long ago because of problems with our code. Making better progress now (it seems).
2/08/07 We have finished a basic map for the game, and are currently working on implementing movement for the player.

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Final Product
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