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Developers: Brandon Germain
Mike Fortier
TJ Loughlin

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If you've ever played marbles the game you are one step closer to understanding our game. This is an amped up version of the classic game of marbles. This includes marbles with crazy abilites, both offensive and defense, and wild maps to test your marbles on. The concept of our game: Strategically choose a marble out of your 20 or so marbles and play against the opponent and try to score the most points. To score you have to throw your marbles onto the maps and try to collide with the marbles already on the map. You gain points by having many reactions based on physics.
We will have updates and screenshots shorty. This project just started recently. It is going to get going pretty quickly.
April 17th 2006
We've created a basic marble model and replaced the demo FPS code with some of our own. The game is now set up so that instead of shooting arrows, it shoots marbles. As of right now though, it doesnt't really shoot them. It simply places them on the ground and if there is a big enough angle, it rolls down the hill. If you put it on the edge of a cliff and it falls it can bounce though! Therefore, SOME physics is set-up but we can't really test it yet.
April 20th 2006
Man. We've been working on the physics stuff for the marbles. Apparently, Torque is a bit confusing. So many things that aren't visible. We have made it possible to LAUNCH the marbles now. One nifty thing we found hiding in the code was the onThrow function which gave us everything we needed. Although, we had to adjust the vectors around because it was from a weird position and the velocity (which is based on a throwforce) was directed in an awkward direction. It is now fixed so that it is launching based on the crossbow's position and eye direction. Then, it is given an upward force to make it more of an arc than a straight bullet. Still though, now that we can launch, the marbles don't hit each other but they do hit the player and terrain and bounce around.
April 24th 2006
WOW FINALLY! After about 100 resource sites and documentation we finally got those damn marbles to hit each other. The problem was that Torque has designated the Item class to be a generic non-physical object that only reacts with the player (to pick items up) and the terrain (for boundary purposes). So, we had to rearrange our model datablock to make it a Vehicle rather than an Item (who woulda thought?) Now they react with each other! Awesome. Check out the screenshots below. You can't see them hitting, but OH do they hit!
This weeks things to do:
Mike:Model the awesome models that you made, and make a map out of them with the mission editor. (We can send you the code for the game so far so u can use the models when u get them textured). All we're looking for is a fenced in, decently big, ring with some of your models inside them.
Brandon: Work on the GUI so that it shows how many marbles you have (might take some work to figure out the inventory stuff). Try to get it so more than 1 player can play, either AI or multiplayer. It has to be turned based so this is where the problem lies.Somehow relay to the user the amount of power that is being put into the ball.($throwForce is the variable)
TJ: Make collisions a bit better, and make it possible to score points when collisions occur. Have a rest condition for when the marbles are near stopping so that the physics comes to a complete stop and the turn can be moved.
Current bugs to fix and things to think about:
the balls are only receiving physics info. Probably because they are vehicles and are meant to break and not the things they hit.
The marbles need to be modelled a bit better with a collision mesh. I think there needs to be one mesh for the actual data (named anything), another mesh (next in the hierarchy) named Col-1 and then another named "Collision-1". Check that out.
The user has no idea which keys to press and how much power is being thrown with.
April 26,2006
We got the scoring system set up and working. We also got a very basic marble inventory set up (not related to the weapon and ammo inventory already put in). It lets the player throw 10 marbles, and then cuts them off. Scoring system is a bit screwy because the collision system is screwy. Each collision registers as multiple collisions so the scoring is higher than we expected. Still, comparing scores will average this high scoring thing out. Now, we just gotta make it 2 player. Also, we fixed the collisions so that both balls in the collision react. The problem with this, is that when they impact at high velocities, or with many different marblz, they explode! (guess it could be a feature)
May 1,2006
Got networking to work, but without ability to throw marbles. Things we need to get done IF networking works: scoring, GUI player switching,texturing,end game
IF networking doesnt work: (1 player) first, try to create 2 player by transposing camera. If we cant get that to work: texturing,good GUI
May 2,2006
GAME IS AS COMPLETE AS ITS GETTING! Which is a decent amount. Networking is working perfectly (well not so much). We have a grand level with some awesome textures and models that players can walk around and get the points, OR players can simply walk around throwing marbles at each other if they damn well please. Good jobs guys.