This is our webpage to show our progress with programming the game Duck Hunter with the Torque Game Engine.


Game Name: Duck Hunter

Dev Team:
Joshua Jamilkowski
Joshua Earl

Game Genre: 3D Shooter

Game Description: This game will be based off of Duck Hunter. The player will navigate around terrain to find lakes
and ducks to shoot. This game will take place in a plain like area with lakes and trees, which will require the
player to navigate a 3-Dimensional environment. Duck Hunter will run on Macintosh, Linux, and Windows computers.

Download: DuckHunter Game (90 MB)

Game Features:
1. Multiple guns
2. Limited ammunition, with the ability to buy more
3. Single player mode
4. One large hunting ground
5. Scoring system based on duck weight

Technical Features:
1. First Person hunter view
2. Movement in 3-D
3. Weapon system

Distribution of Work:

Joshua Jamilkowski will do the modeling of game assets, scripting of the ducks, and creation of User Interface.

Joshua Earl will do the texturing for the game assets, user control, scripting of weapons, and will be in charge of

Implementation Plan:
To create models in the game we will use a mixture of 3-D models available online, and models build using MilkShape.
For the game we will need many models for the different aspects of the game. We will need a player model which will
represent the player in the world. We will also need models for the ducks. We will use one standard model for all
the ducks. We will also need models for trees in the world, as well as some tall grass for the lakes. Finally, we
will need models for the guns that will be in the game. For the duck models we will need to create animations for
the flight of the duck, as well as for when the duck is shot. For the guns we will also need animations for when
they are shot and when they are reloaded.

Models for the games will need textures. We will create textures in either Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. For
the ducks we will create several skins, so that we can have a variety of ducks to choose from. Hopefully, this
will give each duck a feeling of individuality, and create a sense of realism. For the trees we will also try and
create multiple textures to give the trees some variety. Guns and the player will have one skin since there
should not be much variety. A skybox texture which will be the sky will need to be created, as will ground

The code for the game will be created in Torque Script. Our player will need code in order to move around the game
and interact with objects. The guns will need code in order to fire and reload. The ducks will need code for
their flying, their deaths, as well as when to start flying in the air. Underneath all this we will have to
control the scoring for the game, and have some sort of end state. The game will be time controlled. The
player will be in the level for a certain amount of time, and will need to try and hunt as many duck as possible.
The player will get points for the weight of the duck.


Five X's denotes a completely finished section.  None at all means it has not yet been started.


Hunter model XXX
-Textured XXXX
-Animated XX
Duck model X
-Textured X
-Animated X
Rifle XX
-Textured XX
-Animated XXXXX
World objects XXXX
-Trees XXX
-Campfire XXXXX
-Rocks XXXXX
Terrain XXX
-Water XXXXX
-Hills/Mountains/Heighmap XXX
-Textures XXX
-Various other obstacles or landmarks XX


Hunter XXXXX
-Animations XXXXX
-Pick up objects XXXXX
-Shoot XXXXX
-Reload XXXXX
-Random spawns XXXXX
-Frolic around swimming XX
-Fly away scared X
-Random weights XXXXX
-Animations XXXXX
Scoring XXXXX
End Game Timer XXXXX
Audio XXXX
-Shotgun XXXX
--Reload X
--Fire X
--Discharge X
-Hunter XXXXX
--Footsteps XXXXX
-Duck XX
--Random quack X
--Death quack XXXXX
-Misc Sounds XXXXX
-World background music XXXXX