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IMGD 1001: The Game Development Process
Reading Assignment 1: Rabin, Section 7.2

What to Read: Section 7.2, “Game Industry Roles and Economics” of Steve Rabin's Introduction to Game Development. It expands on the material we went over in class.


The complete etext of this book is available here.
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What to Watch for: As you read, write down the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the typical development cost range for a multi-SKU console title?
  • What are ‘net receipts?’
  • Approximately how much money is a developer paid from the sale of a $50 console game?
  • What does ‘BOM’ stand for?
  • Name three significant platform holders.
  • How many of the top PC games sell more than 300,000 units?
  • What is the sales margin for a typical distributor?

Some of these questions may appear on an upcoming quiz.

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