Department of Computer Science
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

CS-543: Computer Graphics
Project 0
Due: Not to be handed in.

Objective: In this project, you will learn some of the basics of WebGL. The project will not be graded.

Project: The aim of this project is to get your feet wet in WebGL. You will learn how to set up your system for working on other projects and perform a few simple, fun tasks. You will mostly be given some readings from the book and be expected to type in an accompanying sample program or cut and paste examples. Follow the instructions and type in code carefully.

  1. Gasket: Read section 2.8-2.10 (page 75) of the book. Use the sample code to write a program for drawing the different versions of the Sierpinski Gasket. Play with it, so that you understand what it does.
Note: Make sure you read the examples in the book before typing in the examples.

Remember the policy on Academic Honesty: You may discuss the assignment with others, but you are to do your own work. The official WPI statement for Academic Honesty can be accessed at

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