Install Microsoft Visual Studio

  1. Go to and download the community installer.

  2. Launch the installer. Select the "Custom install" option - Visual studio doesn't install C++ by default, make sure to select everything C++ related.
    Selecting custom

  3. Wait for the download. This will take a while. If the top Acquiring bar is full, and the Applying bar is empty for more than a few minutes, you may need to restart your computer and try again (picture below).
    Our frozen downloader

  4. Launch Visual Studio by double clicking the .sln file in the homework starter! If Visual Studio asks you for a Microsoft account, please create one or use an existing one.

Make sure you delete PDB files in the debugging folder of your downloaded assignment.
If you get the following error, click on Project -> Retarget

Use a VM at your own risk. Virtualbox, for instance does not support OpenGL 3 .