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CS 528 Fall Semester Project 1: Designing Android Screens (Layouts, Views and Widgets), (8/100 of course grade)
Due date: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 (by class time)!!


The aim of this project is to get you familiar with designing Android screens using layouts, widgets and the webview. This project should be done on Android Studio and each student should do the project by themselves. You may discuss the projects with other classmates or on InstructAssist but each student will submit their own code for the project. Android Studio should already be installed on your computer or laptop.


First of all, make sure you've done project 0. Go over my lecture slides 1-2 especially lectures 2a & 2b. Next read chapters 1 & 2 of Head First Android Development and Chapter 1 of Android Nerd Ranch. Try running the code from those chapters (provided below). Read the code examples and make sure you understand the code. Thereafter, you're ready to do your project. I've also provided below how to run code examples from the Android Nerd Ranch book. Note: The code has been thoroughly tested on Android Studio 4.01 (the latest version) using a Pixel XL 3 emulated phone. You shouldn't encounter errors.

Project Requirements

Design the following 4 screens. You will need to create 4 different Android Studio projects (1 for each screen). The 4 Android Studio projects will be put together and submitted in a single zip file. The 4 screens are:

Screen 1: The following screen is a screen for an app that shows a country's flag and allows users to guess which country has that flag by clicking on the appropriate button. Design the exact screen shown below. The quiz does not have to be functional. You can use the following flag for the screen [Nicaraguan Flag ] .

Screen 2: The screen below explores clickable images. There are 3 clickable images arranged on the top row of the app screen. You can use any 3 images of your choice for this app (e.g. off the Internet). Your program keeps a running total of how many times you have clicked on each image and displays this running total in boxes below the images as shown. Initially, all 3 totals are 0. So for instance, for picture 1, the initial message should be "You have pressed picture 1 0 times". Each time a picture is pressed, increment the counter and display the corresponding updated message.

Screen 3: This screen has 3 buttons at the top and the rest of the screen is filled with a box that displays web content. You can use webView for this part. Each button has a different website URL of your choice hardcoded into it. Pressing each button should load up a different website. E.g. Pressing the button "Website 1" could pull up https://www.google.com. Pressing the button "Website 2" would pull up a different website, etc. Note that the WebView has to be functional for this screen.

Screen 4: Design the following sound settings screen. The checkboxes don't have to be functional. For the image at the top left beside the word "SOUND", use the following image [ HERE ] .

Submitting Your Work

Make sure to double-check that everything works before submitting. Submit all your executable and source files. Each of the screens above should be created in a different Android Studio project. Zip up all 4 folders containing these Android Studio projects into a single zip file. Essentially, after your project is complete, just zip the 4 project directories created by Android Studio. Submit your zip file using InstructAssist at [ https://ia.wpi.edu/cs528/] . Do not email me your program or submit it via dropbox.

Before submitting MAKE SURE YOUR PROJECT RUNS IN ANDROID STUDIO 4.01 and can generate all 4 screens before submission. Name your zip file according to the convention FirstName_lastName_hw1.zip

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