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CS 528, Fall Semester 2020
Project 0: Getting Start, Android Setup and Practice (2/100 points),
Due before class time on Wed, Sept 9

The aim of this project is to get you to watch a few tutorials that will help you set up and run Android Studio on your laptop or your computer, and give you a tour of Android Studio. You will then do a small exercise to demonstrate you understand the tutorials

Prep Steps: Watch Android Studio Tutorials and Install Android Studio

Watch the following tutorials 1-8 from Bucky Roberts on Youtube. Tutorials 1 and 2 involve installing Java and Android Studio. Download [ Android Studio ] and install it. Note: that while the YouTube tutorials explicitly install Java separately, with Android Studio 3.x (current version), you don't have to explicitly install Java first.

The Tutorials from Bucky Roberts:
The following slides I made about the tutorials may be useful [ HW0 slides ] . Take a look. Some questions may also be on quiz 1.


  1. The tutorials use Android Studio 1.x. Android Studio 3.x, the current version of Android Studio is quite similar but has slight UI differences you should be able to figure out. The tutorials are by far the best free ones I know of hence I chose them, despite being slightly dated. If you can't figure anything out, post a question on InstructAssist.
  2. The tutorials mention updating your Java version, setting paths (e.g. Java path). Updating Java, Setting paths and downloading the Android SDK is no longer necessary in Android Studio 4. The Android installer will do all that for you. So, just download Android Studio and things should work.
  3. When creating a new Android project, the tutorials select Android 2.2 (Froyo) as the minimum SDK. You should select Android 5.0 (Lollipop) as your minimum SDK instead

Project Requirement

After finishing tutorial 8, you should be feel comfortable creating new Android Studio projects and doing minor tasks with the widget palette. Create a new project, select blank activity. Then drag in 5 TextView widgets from the palette, arrange them diagonally from top left to bottom right corner. Type "My" "name" "is" "Emmanuel" Agu" (replacing Emmanuel Agu with your first and last name). Each TextView widget should contain one word. You will submit the Android Studio project containing this app (below).

Submitting Your Work

Make sure to double-check that everything works before submitting. Submit all your executable and source files. Put all your work files (Android Studio gradle files, source files, and executable) files into a folder and zip it. Essentially, after your project is complete, just zip the project directory created by Android Studio. Submit your zip file using InstructAssist at [ https://ia.wpi.edu/cs528/] . Do not email me your program or submit it via dropbox. Before submitting, MAKE SURE YOUR APP RUNS IN THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF ANDROID STUDIO. Name your zip file according to the convention FirstName_lastName_hw0.zip

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