WPI Computer Science Department

Computer Science Department

CS 525M, Spring Semester Project 2: Sensor logging using FUNF
Due: February 12, 2013 by class time

The Assignment

Funf Journal is an Android application built using the Funf framework, an open source sensor logging application suitable for use by researchers, self-trackers, or anyone interested in collecting and exploring information related to the mobile device, its environment, and its user's behavior.
  • Write a review for FUNF: Your review should
  • Improving some apps using sensors logs gathered from FUNF In previous weeks we read about the VibN and BeWell apps. If we wanted to use some of the sensors that FUNF supports, for each app (VibN and Bewell), name two sensors each that you would use to enrich (improve) these apps. Describe high level how you would use these sensors. Tie your answer in with "FUNF in a box".

    What to submit

    Submit one Word document (One Word document for all parts/reviews). Put all parts into this Word document and email it to me by the due data. You are encouraged to all share information by posting on myWPI. But eventually you should write separate reviews.

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