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CS 525M, Spring Semester Project 1: Android Setup and Practice with Android Applications
Due: Jan 29, 2013 by class time

The aim of this project is to get you to set up your Google Droid phone and evaluate some available Android applications.

Droid Setup

Projects in this calss are based on Google Droid phones. The professor has received a grant of Motorola Droid phones from Google specifically for this course. In addition, students may use their own Android phones of any variety. Other types of smart phones may be used with consent from the Professor, so ask first.

All Android phones must be returned at the completion of the course. Failure to return signed out Android phones at the end of the course will be reported to the Campus Police as theft.

The Droid phones as distributed by Google come with 30 days of “free” Verizon Wireless voice and data service (from the day of activation). You will not need this. Please don’t try to use it. You can connect via a WiFi network by the usual methods. When you first turn on one of these Droid phones, it wants you to go through the process of activating this account, along with an Android tutorial. The following web site explains how to skip the activation and tutorial step:–


A few of the phones already have been used and will not automatically start the tutorial.

The Assignment

Your task is to set up your Droid phone, download the following applications from Google play, try them out and review them. Note: Some apps may not have enough users in your town or city, in which case you may have to make a day trip to Boston to use the app.

What to submit

You should submit reviews for each of these applications. Email these reviews in ASCII text format by the next class. You should talk about the main features of each application, how it works, what you like or dislike about each application and any other interesting notes. You are encouraged to all share information by posting on myWPI. For instance, you can arrange to meet up in Boston on certain days to use the application(s) together, but eventually you should write separate reviews. The review of each application should be at most 1 page long.

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