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CS 4731, B Term 2016 Homework 4.
Due on Friday, December 9, 2016. 11.59PM

Homework 4 Overview

In this project you will add more realism to your hierarchy from project 3 by adding texturing and shadows

Homework 4 Preparation

However, if you were unable to get the hierarchy working properly, download the homework 2 starter code as a starting point. You can get this starter code here [ Starter Code ] Instead of the hierarchy, you can render a cow PLY file spinning continously in the center of the room with 2 walls and a floor. i.e. hovering slightly above the floor and away from the two walls. Render the cow mesh as a solid model. Apply per-fragment (Phong) smooth shading. You can get this cow PLY file here [ Cow PLY ]

Homework 4 Specifics

The specific features you will implement in this homework are:

Summary of Your program behavior

Control your scene using the following keystrokes. Notes: No OpenGL fixed function commands (glBegin, glVertex, etc) or immediate mode drawing commands should be used in your program. All drawing should be done using shaders, retained mode, Vertex Buffer Objects, and glDrawArrays similar to the code in your textbook (and in your previous projects)

Submitting Your Work

Make sure to double-check that everything works before submitting. Submit all your executable and source files. Put all your work files (Visual Studio solution, OpenGL program, shaders, executable and input files into a folder and zip it. Essentially, after your project is complete, just zip the project directory created by Visual Studio. Submit your zip file using InstructAssist at [ https://ia.wpi.edu/cs4731/] . Do not email me your program or submit it via dropbox. To make your submission smaller, delete the \ipch folder in the visual studio. On recompilation, Visual Studio will regenerate this folder without problems.

Create documentation for your program and submit it along with the project inside the zip file. Your documentation can be either a pure ASCII text or Microsoft Word file. The documentation does not have to be long. Briefly describe the structure of your program, what each file turned in contains. Explain briefly what each module does and tie in your filenames. Most importantly, give clear instructions on how to compile and run your program. MAKE SURE IT RUNS IN THE ZOOLAB before submission. Name your zip file according to the convention FirstName_lastName_hw4.zip

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